Paintball Scenario Charity game
Paintball Scenario Charity game

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BYOP – Bring Your Own Paint.  NO Monsterball! S&F Paintball has Valken paint for sale,  first come, first served.

$25 Field fee, includes all day air/CO2 – S&F has a 3,000 & 4,500 PSI HPA fill stations, as well as CO2 (limited supply).

Rental packages available – starting at $35.  Includes marker, HPA tank, mask (and a pod pack as supplies last)

*Minimum age to play is 10 years old

FPS:  285 feet per second or less

* All markers must be chronographed prior to playing. Markers should be re-tested throughout the day (especially those using CO2)

Safety Rules

  • Masks On – At all times while on the field. The seal of your mask is to never come off at any time. Even if you are fogged up and cannot see well, do not take your mask off to clean it. This is the most vital piece of safety equipment you have. Use it well.
  • Blind Man – If you do get fogged up and cannot see, call out, “blind man!” This will alert the players around you that you cannot see. If you hear someone call out blind man then stop playing, even if they are not on your team, and help them off the field.  Call out for a ref to help the player.
  • Freeze – Freeze will be called in emergency situations such as player injury or a lens comes out of a mask. When you hear Freeze, put your marker down and yell freeze also.
  • Barrel Covers – A barrel blocking device is required at all times while in the parking/staging area.
  • Close Quarters – The Swamp has numerous CQB areas and potential for shooting at point blank range. If you do not want to get shot at point blank range, please do not enter such bunkers (mazes, the bus, buildings, Poison Apple, Burgerville, San Venganza, etc.)
  • Surrender or Die – If you are close to someone (within 20 feet), especially on their backside, you have an option to offer the surrender. If they hesitate or refuse, give them one or two shots.
  • Three To Five Shots Please – When you are shooting at someone, there is no need to shoot “ropes” of paint. Three to five shots at the maximum is sufficient. Please fire, see if they go out, and continue to fire. Suppressive fire is different, but please refrain from mowing down a weed or bush to get someone out.
  • Blind Firing Not Allowed – Blind firing is when you hide behind a bunker and point your marker over the top or side without being able to see your target and firing. Please do not do this.
  • Paint Check – call for a paint check if you are not sure of a break.  Do not use this to stall your opponent.
  • Honor Shot Program – All referees will carry a pistol.  If a player is suspected of not taking his hits, the ref will test shoot the player. If the player takes the hit, the ref will allow him to continue to play.  If the player does not call his hit, he will get one warning and will be on our radar.  If that same player continues to not take their hits, the next infraction they will be sent out of the game.  Third infraction, player will be told to leave the event with no refund.  Honorable play every day at The Swamp.
  • Structures/Vehicles that are off Limits – Big Barn, all vehicles, anything wrapped in “caution” tape.
  • Stay out of the Pond – at all times
  • Field boundaries – Do not go into the grass fields on the South boundary, stay inside the tree line on North side (do not cross the yellow rope), you can use the creek on the east side but do not go across it, west boundary is behind the strip mall (do not go into the tall grass).
  • Watch your footing – inside the buildings with floors, bus, shilo inn, bunk house.  May become slippery with paint.
  • Field Entry/Exit – this is the only place to enter or exit the paintball field.  There will be no firing from or into the entry/exit closet.
  • Pole Guide Wires – Do not climb on the cement blocks or go into the pallet bunkers that shelter the cement blocks.
  • Real Steel – Do not carry real knives out on the paintball field.
  • Personal items – please leave your keys, wallet, phone, etc in your vehicle so they do not get lost on the field during games.
  • Camera personnel – camera personnel will be out on the field during game play, do not shoot them or their equipment.  They are here for your benefit.
  • Waivers – all players must fill out a digital waiver before entering the field.  This needs to be done once a year.
  • Field Refs – have the final say

Game Play

  • Dead Men Don’t Talk – Players are not allowed to influence the game after they have been eliminated. This includes giving away the position of OpFor, talking about objectives/strategies/tactics, etc.
  • Marker Hits do NOT count – When a player raises their marker, this means they are calling themselves out
  • Special Weapons are allowed – Paintball Grenades, Cold Smoke, Rocket/Grenade Launchers are allowed but must be authorized and approved by S&F Paintball prior to use.  Launchers are only to be fired at buildings, not at players.
  • Knife Kills/Barrel tags are allowed – If eliminated in this manner, please do not give away the players position.
  • Respect The Field – Pack out everything you pack in and do not leave trash or cigarette butts.
  • Keep Your Cool – If you play paintball for any length of time, you will get lit up, you will get overshot, and shot after you call yourself out. It is unfortunate that these things happen, but the only thing you can control is your attitude. Paintball hurts and even has pain in the word. If these things happen, tell a ref and they will work to resolve the issue. Do not yell, scream, or curse at the player, or take retaliatory actions (physical violence, shooting them back, or the like). If you do you will be asked to leave. If the person who did the offending action continues, they will be asked to leave as well.
  • We Are Our Brothers’ Keeper – We have safety refs but every player is expected to look out for each other as well.  We expect everyone to play with honor, integrity and good sportsmanship. We are here to have fun, compete, and have a good time. If you aren’t here for that, please stay home.