Tactical Tournament Magfed/Stock Class – Limited ammo

March 3rd, 2018

S& F Scenarios Presents:

5-Man Tactical Paintball Tournament – Magfed/Stock Class Limited Ammo

Early Registration discount, $200 per 5-man team.  Price will increase to $250 per team after 2/18/18.  Registration closes 2/23/18.


5-man Teams, 6 people Max per roster

Event paint only.

Field $45 pre-sale, $50 at the event
Midgrade $60 pre-sale, $65 at the event
Premium $65 pre-sale, $70 at the event
First Strike 250 round box $85 pre-sale, $90 at the event
First Strike 100 round box $40 pre-sale, $45 at the event

Registration Info

 This is a Tactical Tourney, 5 man.
Mag Fed Stock class feed only, limited ammo
Max roster limit is 6 players (5 players on the field)

Pre-Registration $200
February 19th, Reg price goes up to $250 and paint will increase $5 per case
Event paint only. Paintballs will only be sold in a case, first strikes will be available
Paint prices: field paint $45 per case, midgrade $60 per case, premium $65 per case, FS box 100 count $40, FSR box 250 count $85

Registration closes February 23rd.
We will need a minimum of 6 teams
The number of teams we get registered will determine how long the game time will be. We will have a minimum game time of 10 minutes to max 15 min. The number of teams we get signed up will determine how the brackets will be played.

Game Format

This will be a 3 flag objective and will have 5 find objects.
Flag must be full pull that means all the way to the top.
Whichever team holds the flag at the end of the game collects 15 points per flag.
There will be 5 find objects worth 25 points each, they must be returned to the start area to be tallied for points.
Once a player is hit, they are out of that round.
If a player blatantly plays on without calling a hit, there will be a 2 for 1 call meaning the closest player to the one playing on will be eliminated also.